The Value of Critique: Why Encouraging Students to Talk About Their Own Artwork is Important

At last canadian pharmacy meds weekend’s Teaching Artist Retreat we spent time discussing the importance of providing our students with opportunities to discuss their artwork. After a conversation amongst teaching artists, we shared some student comments from the 2015 Fall Term Student Voice Survey to deepen the conversation around the value of critique and to hear first hand what students believe they gain from the experience of talking about their work. Read those comments below: In this course I had time to talk about my art and/or the art of my classmates: (check all that apply) One-on-one with the teaching artists- 63.59% (269/423), One-on-one with my fellow student artists- 45.15% (191/423), In small groups 45.39% (192/423), In large groups- 41.13% (174/423), In writing- 13.24% (56/423), I did not talk or write about artwork in this course- 10.40% (44/423) Please tell us what you learned from this experience:

  1. I learned not to stress out if something goes wrong.
  1. How it is important to tell people why you did your artwork in a certain direction
  1. i love working in small groups
  1. I learned how people got ideas to take the pictures they took.
  1. You were able to see into your peers eyes and understand how they interpreted certain things.
  1. helped me realize what i wanted to accomplish and what other options i had
  1. getting feedback from multiple people during the process of making your art, and not only after is really helpful
  1. you sometimes need others’ opinions.
  1. I learned how to be more open towards people I didn’t know because when I am at a new place I get really shy and I start to be quiet and shut down, and I get really uncomfortable, but here I learned not to be like that to enjoy and which I got really jolly and happy by knowing other and what are their hobbies or what they like to do.
  1. I learned that sometimes you need help from other people to help you with your mistakes
  1. I learned that different people have different ideas than I do and they are really cool ideas too.
  1. How to take good photos and not just learn from the people around me but to learn from myself
  1. I learned how to make things pop, and lots of lighting techniques. I also feel that I learnt better communication skills.
  1. how to take the critic and use generic cialis it to improve my ideas when developing my character or any artwork or idea.
  1. I learned that the students here have amazing different point of views and that one shouldn’t be afraid to tell.
  1. I learned cialis online pharmacy to improve my skills on talking to people about art.
  1. I canadian pharmacy hospital residency learned that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions even if you know a lot
  1. That they helped me figure out the problem between my images and they motivated me to be successful
  1. that the people don’t judge and that they are very open and nice.
  1. i learned that you need to share your artwork wit someone other wise nobody will know what you did unless they asked you.
  1. I learned not to limit myself. For example, if I am working on something, instead of saying that I can’t do anything that I haven’t tried online canadian pharmacy before- I simply just go ahead and dare to try it, cialis 20 mg no matter what it ends up looking like I’d still be proud of it because I had the guts to try something new.
  1. This helped me to better understand the lessons better.
  1. socialization
  1. I learned how to communicate better with students and teachers and also the fact that I really enjoy watercoloring. I really feel like it’s something that I would love to continue doing
  1. By talking as a class we were able to learn techniques from each other and hear feedback on our work. By working one on one with Victoria and Marge I learned new techniques and things to pay attention to when painting or sketching. And being able to talk to fellow students about their goals made me see things from a new perspective.
  1. I learned what I enjoyed doing.
  1. I should be more open and try harder to explain what i did and why i did it.
  1. I made a new friend
  1. Talking with the teaching artists was nice because I was able to think about why exactly I made the piece and what it means, helping me to sort out my thoughts. Talking about other people’s art was helpful as well as I was able to see how other people use techniques to convey a message.
  1. I learned how to interact with others. I think my speaking skills got better. Also, i learned that everyone has their own style.
  1. i learned useful tips and i learned about my peers
  1. That i can trust teachers.
  1. I learned to not be afraid to ask for help or a critic; the teaching artists are there to help me improve in my artwork.
  1. That people have different techniques and none of them are wrong or bad. Just do you, express yourself however the hell you want.
  1. I love hearing about other people’s art because it’s nice to know how they made it and their experiences
  1. it getting me to talk more with other people
  1. I learned key terms to enhance my knowledge of photography
  1. I learned about my own work through talking about it and analyzing my style in the terms my teachers had explained
  2. I learned how I could make my art more visually appealing as well as how different color combinations would change the mood of my piece.
  1. That I talk too much.
  1. I had a lot of time to converse with other like minded teens. I learned a lot about who i am as an artist and who i can become through hard work and practice.

What do we as teaching artist hope that our students will gain from critique – in all its forms- at Marwen? image2

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