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Lucy McDonald

Lucy has been a Marwen student since the summer following her freshman year in 2012. On the verge of graduating this June, Lucy has received a National Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, which represents the top 1% of over 300,000 entries across the country in cialis for daily use for sale 28 categories. Looking to continue her pursuit of art, Lucy is considering accepting admission to either UIUC, Columbia College Chicago, or Kalamazoo College in the fall. We asked Lucy to reflect on her work in progress and experience at Marwen.
Describe a project you are currently working on:
A project that I’m currently working on is my concentration portfolio for AP Photo. My concentration revolves around a theme of band culture. I’ve spent the last several months following a group of punk bands in the city, and documenting their lives on stage, behind the scenes, and at home. Much of the work that I do now focuses on the lives of my peers and captures the culture of urban youth. I think that this project is a great way for me to end my high school career.
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lucyHow have Marwen Teaching Artists helped develop your artistic practice/outlook on life?
The teaching artists at Marwen have become my mentors. They’ve always encouraged me to pursue new ideas and supported my decisions in developing my work. My teaching artists have pushed to make my work the best it can be while also keeping me grounded and ensuring that the goals I set for myself are realistic ones. It’s been important to me that my teaching artists understand that the Marwen students are at different levels, some students take courses as a way to pass time with friends while others are take them to develop as aspiring artists. The teaching artists never fail to make class time entertaining, engaging, and comfortable for everyone. My teaching artists have had a large influence on me and my work. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have decided to pursue the arts at all.
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Can you recall one specific memory from Marwen that you will never forget? i.e. field trip, demo, class activity etc..?
One experience at Marwen that I’ll never forget was the Marwen sleepover. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that I got to stay the night at my favorite place and spend the whole time making art cialis for daily use dosage with my friends.
Lucy will have her work exhibited the Pratt Gallery in New York City this June as part of the Scholastic Exhibition, which will be followed with a country wide tour of the same exhibition during the summer of 2015.

Phil Dembinski About Phil Dembinski
Philip Dembinski is a photographer living and working in Chicago, IL. He attended Columbia College Chicago where he attained his BFA in photography in 2008. He has shown work internationally as part of Flak Photo’s 100 Portraits, 100 Photographers traveling exhibit and is part of Catherine Edelman Gallery’s Chicago Project. Philip’s work explores aspects of portraiture and environment as they lend themselves to perceived narratives. His inspiration comes from chance encounters, disquieting landscapes, and subtle expressions. Additionally, Philip is a Teaching Artist at the Marwen Foundation leading courses in darkroom photography for both middle school and high school students. In 2015, he has become part of Marwen's Teaching Advisory Board.

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