Spotlight: Student

Luis Cardenas

Describe a project you are currently working on:

I’m currently working on an anatomical series of work. My artwork is about not judging people because of looks, because we are all made the same on the inside. None of us are perfect, but what makes us unique is what you cannot see; our heart, personality and our soul. It is also about the beauty of being human, accepting our defects and accepting who you are.

What inspired you to work with these ideas?

My ideas were inspired by our society. Our society is focused on the negative instead of the positive. Social propaganda is constantly telling us what we should look like, how we need to dress and how we should act. Im trying to portray through my art work that being human and accepting who you are is the most beautiful thing in the universe.

Describe qualities in a teaching artist that have been helpful for your growth as an artist or individual.

Some of the best qualities of a teaching artist is that they see something in their students that the student did not see in themselves and helping young artist present themselves as professionals. They also show that they are as passionate as you are about your ideas but also encouraging you to explore other medias to expand your artistic abilities The teaching artist at Marwen have the passion and determination to help their young artist achieving their potential they are capable of achieving.

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