Spotlight: Marwen Course

My So-Called Still Life

Teaching Artist: Hilary Baldwin

Assistant teaching artist: Keaton Bell


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In this introductory still life painting class, you will learn how to look at the world around you in new ways and use what you see to create unique and expressive paintings of everyday objects. Whether you design anime characters, carve from stone, or make movies, the generic cialis online painting and drawing skills you’ll learn in this class are applicable to all your art making interests! Color, expressive mark making, value, volume, and composition cialis coupons 2015 are all important for artists to understand. We will complete a series of observational drawings and paintings in a variety of materials including charcoal, pastel, and acrylic paint. Your final project will be a full color painting on canvas.

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Verve aims to instigate reflection via a dialogue on arts education, art, and teaching practices. Developed by Marwen Fellows, Verve is an online collective and resource that bridges the distance between our schedules and locations to generate a timely, active dialog within our community. This collaboratively authored publication includes all factions of Marwen as well as peers and experts in the field of education.

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