Spotlight: Marwen Course

Winter Urban Landscapes

What’s a landscape?

flat line of land

gradient in the sky

squiggles of buildings

specs of plants and trees

glimmers of light

– Anastasiya Zherebna

Teaching Artist Marta Garcia is a seasoned photographer, working as a professional photojournalist for the past 12 years. Marta has had the privilege to tell many stories with her camera. A graduate of New World School of the Arts Miami and Columbia College Chicago Marta has shot for many national publications and is currently an assignment photographer for the Chicago Tribune. Her journey has allowed her to photograph a vast array of subjects from factory floors to political protests to the tops of skyscrapers to leaders of the free world, There are no circumstances in which she has been unable to get her shot. Her unique style and personality can bring out the best in people in front of her camera.


Verve About Verve
Verve aims to instigate reflection via a dialogue on arts education, art, and teaching practices. Developed by Marwen Fellows, Verve is an online collective and resource that bridges the distance between our schedules and locations to generate a timely, active dialog within our community. This collaboratively authored publication includes all factions of Marwen as well as peers and experts in the field of education.

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