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Game On

In this two-term course taught by Nick Briz and assisted by Bridget Kevin, students learned how to graphically design and code web games and also learned about system design, social/activist games, resource management, game mechanics and critical play. Students utilized Photoshop and coding with JavaScript to create playable games. This lovable, funny, creative group of high school students worked on their projects over sixteen weeks. In the first term students learned the concepts and theories of game design, tropes and famous teachers in this field. Students began learning the basics of coding and Photoshop as the building block of the course. In the second term, students used advanced techniques to build their design elements into a game engine that married the coding and Photoshop elements. Students went on a field trip to Columbia Colleges 3D environments class to learn about 3D modeling and animation and its applications in video games, movies and commercials. They also had a guest video game designer from High Voltage software who came several times to class to show his art and talk about his career. In our society today, everything is so fast paced and technology is growing at such a rapid rate that it’s imperative for students to be on the cutting edge of software and tech concepts. I felt these students got a lot out of this class, both emotionally and also learned new concepts and skills. This was a class that had dedication, determination and tenacity. We all left feeling a strong bond. The games can be seen and played here:

About Bridget Kevin
Bridget Kevin is a Chicago artist with a focus in video and animation. She graduated with a BFA from the Illinois Institute of Art and has a passion for helping young Chicago students learn the artistry of digital artwork. Her own artistic practices include shooting and editing video and audio, creating logos and animations, print design and motion graphics. Some of her previous work experience includes Peeka Productions, Marwen and many local clients. Some of her past work can be seen here:

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