Peer to Peer in 12 Minutes

This summer I taught a course called “Photographing the Dreamscape” downstairs in Intermedia. The course was sculpture and photography based, and Cynthia asked if I would I consider doing a brief collaboration with the best canadian pharmacy only other class in the dungeon, Melissa Porter’s ceramic course. Even though summer is a luxurious two days longer than normal term, I still felt pressed for time and wasn’t sure how to facilitate a worthwhile learning experience during the last four days of class. Melissa and I talked and while we agreed it would be nice to do a mini workshop, a presentation, or a class swap, these options weren’t viable within the time frame. We decided that since her class was 6th-8th grade and mine was high school, it would be a good experience for her students to see what kind of work older Marwenintes are creating. Melissa’s class would visit mine for a mini tour of the work in progress on the second to last day of red cialis viagra 200mg term. I chose three students who were close to completion and each gave a short presentation on their model, it’s concept and it’s construction. My students really took initiative, speaking confidently and honestly about their work, its progress, and their final vision. Melissa’s class asked questions and were some of the most engaged and polite middle school students I have ever met. Amidst the chaos of the Intermedia room; a full class hot gluing, knifing cardboard, and adjusting photo lights, I was able to sit back and watch several students lead a brief artist talk to 12+ avid listeners. It was pretty awesome. can you take viagra cialis together Many thanks to Cynthia for her suggestion and Melissa’s enthusiastic students! I will definitely be keeping this speed run peer-to-peer trick in my bag for future courses.

Jesse Avina About Jesse Avina
Jesse Avina is a teaching artist who received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008, and upon graduating was granted the Daisey Soros Fellowship to study in Salzburg, Austria. His work frequently deal with issues of violence as mediated entertainment, and seeks to discover whether fantasy can be the best mode for examining our convoluted relationship to representations of war. Jesse has exhibited his photography, video, and sculptural work nationally and internationally, and currently lives and works in Chicago.

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