Obstacles as Tools

Consider the metaphor, “The world is your oyster.” Is it referring to the shell, muscle, or a potential pearl inside? I see it referring to the whole thing – the world as a hard, crusty, slimy place, yet with the potential for hidden beauty within it. And would I be wrong? As adults we are surrounded by limitations, restrictions, and general have-to’s, and our attitudes towards them are mirrored in our students who can sense inauthenticity. As instructors, how we approach our activities is reflected in their inquisitive eyes when they are looking at us as experts. Who hasn’t considered, “If there just wasn’t that rule/obstacle/limitation, I would do something different, incredible, or something with impact that would make a difference.” But would we really? Actually, so-called imitations can challenge us to figure out how to accomplish what we want, often with surprising results. After all, we have to know the rules before we can break them. Embracing a challenge in your classroom, with limitations and restrictions, might make you uncomfortable but how you approach prescription cialis uk it allows your students to become potential experts with you, as you discover the answers together. It’s an opportunity to share the importance of how we approach potential obstacles as tools of empowerment. It’s our approach to these obstacles that makes our own pearls in this hard, crusty world. What an opportunity we have, since it’s these pearls that give us, and our students, a sense of accomplishment; a sense that we have made an impact and difference through our art an in our lives.

Gwen Terry About Gwen Terry
Gwendolyn Terry is a Chicago-based installation artist. She has worked professionally designing and installing theatrical sets, architectural facades, and retail window displays. In addition to creating commissioned objects and installations, she piloted an artistic internship program for a national cooperation, mentoring and training emergent display artists. Besides Marwen, Gwendolyn is also a Teaching Artist for CAPE, collaborating with CPS teachers to integrate art into their CORE curriculum. You can learn more about Gwendolyn and her work at: www.gwenterry.com

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