My Marwen Journey: 5 Years in the Making

Throughout my years at Marwen, the only regret I have had was not knowing about Marwen earlier. I became a Marwen student my freshman year of high school and was immediately hooked. For the next four years I had the life-changing opportunity of not only taking free art courses at Marwen (as if that already wasn’t cool enough), but also participating in their advanced programs, most notably Marwen Lab, Art @ Work, Design to Print, and the Student Advisory Board (SAB). Without Marwen, I wouldn’t have found my passion for photography along with its supportive community to help me grow as an artist.

Lab Critique

After about a year of being a Marwen alum, I started assistant teaching for Marwen’s darkroom photography classes. Although I had the unique experience of having been a student, I was still new to being an educator. The first class I ever assisted for was a high school darkroom photography class. Although there were weird moments—like recognizing that a few of the students were only a year younger than me—I took comfort in the fact that Marwen chose me to assist this class. As an educator I was more aware of how quickly the students’ darkroom skills improved in just a matter of the two week summer term.

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The following two terms, I had the rewarding experience of working alongside Lisa Lindvay pharmacy online teaching middle school students. Unlike the high school class, we had them work in partners which proved to be successful. One of the most fascinating observations I made was how much information the students absorbed, whether it be a basic concept or a specific detail.

I want to continue assisting at Marwen until I graduate from Columbia College. When I combining viagra and cialis graduate I want to use the numerous skills I learned from my Photography major to propose my own class and become a teaching artist. After gaining experience as a teaching artist, my long term goal is to become the Photography teaching artist for Marwen Lab. Marwen Lab was the most transformative experience I had as a student at Marwen. I would want nothing more than to be a part of that experience for another young artist, exemplary of Marwen’s mission.

Lily Alfaro About Lily Alfaro
Liliana Alfaro is a photography student at Columbia College Chicago. In addition to being an ATA at Marwen, she works as an intern at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. She was a student at Marwen from 2010-2013 with a focus in photography. Liliana’s work is centered around her family and the multigenerational home in which she grew up in. She explores her Salvadoran and American culture as well as elements of femininity and matriarchy.

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