Cool Resource: ArtsConnection- The Creative Learning Loop

This great resource comes from ArtsConnection in NYC.

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The Creative Learning Loop

Check out these links! They include a simple yet brilliant articulation of artistic process in the classroom- The Creative Learning Loop

  1. Establish Clear Criteria
  2. Facilitate Peer Feedback
  3. Provide Opportunities for Revision
  4. Repeat!

From the ArtsConnection website:

Formative Assessment in the Arts

Artistic creation in all art forms is an iterative process:  collaboration, critique and revision are essential, especially in the performing arts….

The videos in this section reveal various ways individual artists use aspects ofThe Creative Learning Loop in the classroom.


Here is just one of the cool videos regarding ” establishing clear criteria” with your students:
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Eliciting Criteria by Doing a Silent Demonstration from ArtsConnection on Vimeo.

About ArtsConnection:

“Since 1979, ArtsConnection has provided innovative arts programming to millions of students in the New York City public school system, enhancing children’s intellectual, personal and social growth, while developing award-winning educational models. ArtsConnection’s programming for students, professional development, and research all contribute to a comprehensive approach, nationally recognized for its quality, design and impact across diverse learning communities.”



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