My Marwen Journey: 5 Years in the Making

Throughout my years at Marwen, the only regret I have had was not knowing about Marwen earlier. I became a Marwen student my freshman year of high school and was immediately hooked. For the next four years I had the life-changing opportunity of not only taking free art courses at Marwen (as if that already wasn’t cool enough), but also participating in their advanced programs, most


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Spotlight: Student

Lucy McDonald
Lucy has been a Marwen student since the summer following her freshman year in 2012. On the verge of graduating this June, Lucy has received a National Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, which represents the top 1% of over 300,000 entries across the country in cialis for daily use for sale 28 categories. Looking to continue her pursuit of


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What If? Marwen’s Education Vision

At the center of Marwen’s practice there is an invitation-a sense of welcome, support, and mentorship that permeates every encounter and meeting. Students share the office 2013 key sense of belonging and support that they feel at Marwen in surveys, conversation, and letters of thanks sent to staff. Melissa Wilkes, studio program coordinator, who began as a student at Marwen, says; “I kept coming, and


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Guest Artist Series: Jason Lazarus

Please join us!
Jason Lazarus: Feburary 21st from 7:00-8:00pm at Marwen
833 North Orleans | Chicago, IL 60610
This event is FREE and open to the public!

Jason Lazarus will present his artwork and discuss the motivation, ideas and events that drive his work at this free Marwen event.
Verve: Guest Artist Series is a free series of lectures, presentations, and events that fosters


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Spotlight Marwen Course: Beyond the Naked Eye

Feature image: Chase Thilleman, CONTACT Canon, studio strobes, fish tank set

“This shot was inspired by the deep connection us humans have with water. Capturing the beauty of water that we overlook in our everyday lives.” Chase Thillman

Since my talk at the summer post term meeting I have had a few teaching artists approach me about contacting U of C for future collaborations with other art


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The Darkroom Part 2

For this installment I spoke to Martha Williams, who is the Photo Editor at Timeout Chicago and the creator of the blog Martha holds her BFA from Columbia College Chicago and has worked in the industry for 15 years. Full disclosure, she is also my wife. 1. Describe your current relationship to photography. I am a freelance photographer and Photo Editor for Time Out


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Spotlight: Marwen Course

Winter Urban Landscapes
What's a landscape?
flat line of land
gradient in the sky
squiggles of buildings
specs of plants and trees
glimmers of light
- Anastasiya Zherebna
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Teaching Artist Marta Garcia is a seasoned photographer, working as a professional photojournalist for the past 12 years. Marta has had the privilege to tell many stories with her camera.


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The Darkroom Part 1

It makes me extremely uncomfortable to admit that the Darkroom -–that is the classic orange safe light, enlarger, chemical bath, vinegar smelling, black walled, light proof room-– that we grew up with (or at least witnessed on a detective show), is not the standard way we create photographs anymore. This has been the case for years now, the digital era is upon us, and digital


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How to Leave a Great Comment on Your Peer’s Blogs

This post comes to us from Teaching Artist Alexis Ellers and her classes' Marwen Photo Blog! 

Good advice for both critiques and blog commentary. Also be sure to check out the "Marwen Photography Classes" Facebook page to see the awesome photos being created by Alexis' students
 How to leave a great comment on your peer’s blogs 

The comment section on our blogs is great place


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Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

In 1925, 86 years after the invention of the daguerreotype, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy released the text Painting Photography Film as part of a fourteen book bauhaus manifesto. This eminently engaging text served as a call to action for experimentation in several mediums, particularly the win product key slowly evolving medium of photography. Moholy-Nagy begins his essay photography “Although it has spread enormously, nothing essentially new has


February 18th, 2013 0 comments Art practice connected to teaching practice / Photography / Teaching Artistry

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