Techniques: Watercolors

So you’re afraid of watercolors… People assume watercolors are difficult to control. They are. But no more so than any other art material. Here are some awesome things about watercolor: they combine amazingly with other materials, the paper is also good for things like pencil and pen, they are less messy than acrylic and oil, clean up faster and easier, and won’t stain your clothes.


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Expectations, Realities & Resolutions

We know how important it is to be flexible in the classroom, to respond and react to the students’ needs and abilities, and be prepared to change our course of action. But this flexibility can work in direct opposition to our own goals as teachers. When we create our classes we structure them around the ideal. What we hope to accomplish, what we hope the


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Spotlight: Marwen Course

My So-Called Still Life
Teaching Artist: Hilary Baldwin
Assistant teaching artist: Keaton Bell

In this introductory still life painting class, you will learn how to look at the world around you in new ways and use what you see to create unique and expressive paintings of everyday objects. Whether you design anime characters, carve from stone, or make movies, the generic cialis online painting


May 18th, 2015 0 comments Painting / Spotlight: Marwen Course

Creating Criteria Along With Your Students

When I was in college I had an honors class professor explain that we were not honor students because we were smarter than everyone else, but because we were the kind of students who had figured out what teachers wanted of us and understood how to give them just that. Today I recognize that what made the statement true is that the majority of assessment


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What If? Marwen’s Education Vision

At the center of Marwen’s practice there is an invitation-a sense of welcome, support, and mentorship that permeates every encounter and meeting. Students share the office 2013 key sense of belonging and support that they feel at Marwen in surveys, conversation, and letters of thanks sent to staff. Melissa Wilkes, studio program coordinator, who began as a student at Marwen, says; “I kept coming, and


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The Portfolio Program: The Figure – Day 4

Today was both incredibly successful, but a bit frustrating at the same time. Up to this point I've had about 12 students at each session (though not the same 12 consistently) - but today I only had 8!

I created this curriculum to function on this gradual build up of information that carefully guided students towards the development of their personal works. Each class introducing


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Quotes on Teaching Artistry

“It not enough to know craft-you have to have feeling. Science is all very well, but for us (Teaching Artists) imagination is worth far more”. Anonymous Writer

“Take responsibility for the energy you bring to this space”. Anonymous Writer

“There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another”. Anonymous Writer

“The more you try to remove a thing from the context


February 1st, 2013 0 comments Drawing / Painting / Teaching Artistry

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