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An Aerial View: The Language of a Line

My name is Silvia Gonzalez and I am a teaching artist and photographer. I currently work at Village Leadership Academy Upper Campus and attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a graduate student in the Masters in Art Education program.

I got interested in art at an early age because it was a language for me. When I was in grade school,


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Marwen’s Teaching Artist Fellows- Thank you!

After an influential and inspiring 6 year run- the "final" Marwen Teaching Artist Fellows meeting was held in 2014.

Since 2009 the impressive team of Marwen teaching artist consultants- called the Fellows- has rotated to include Regin Igloria,  Justin Schmitz,  Ann Worthing,  Joe Meredith,  Kelly Kaminski,  Melissa Porter,  Meredith Zielke,  Barlow,  Angee Lennard,  Jesse Avina,  Jeremy Bolen, Sophia Nahli Allison and Marta Garcia! Thank you


January 6th, 2015 0 comments Spotlight: Artists / Teaching Artistry

3Arts Awardee: Sophia Nahli Allison!

Congratulations to our very own Sophia Allison for winning the prestigious 2014 3Arts Teaching Artist Award!

About 3Arts:


Nothing of significance can be accomplished without imagination, without stretching and flexing our minds, without dreaming.

We consider it our civic duty and a privilege to champion local artists and invest in the essential creative process that drives their art forth and touches all


October 7th, 2014 0 comments Spotlight: Artists / Teaching Artistry

One-to-Ten: A Visual Arts Strategy for Collaboration

To really see, you need to allow yourself to be seen.
-Lida Winfield, dancer and educator

One of the greatest gifts that teaching artists can give each other is to share our favorite exercises that consistently bring us rewarding results. I have had the pleasure to learn from teaching artists in many different contexts, and I love to collect, adapt, and share some of the


October 2nd, 2014 0 comments Art practice connected to teaching practice / Collaboration / Professional Development / Teaching Artistry

Flip-Flop: Student to Teacher

My experience with Marwen for the last six years has been exclusively as a student.
I am one of those Marwen students who just can’t get enough of it and keeps coming back for more—for one class, then another, hmm Marwen Lab looks cool, let’s try Design to Print, Lab was awesome I have to do it again, and oh my gosh it’s my last


August 25th, 2014 0 comments Professional Development / Spotlight: Artists / Spotlight: Students / Teaching Artistry

Marwen’s Summer Teaching Artist Retreat At Mana Contemporary: Part 1

Last week 40 Marwen Teaching Artists and staff members came together at Mana Contemporary Chicago for our Bi- Annual Teaching Artist Retreat. The Windows 10 Key format of the productkeysticker.com evening offered three artist's responses to the question:
How do you insure Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus everyone has a voice?
Teaching Artist Fellow Marta Garcia created this video of guest artist Alex Chitty's offering:



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Dude, you should totally apply

Around this time last year, I was having a lot of trouble getting my students to talk about the work that they were making for my digital photography class. It was a class for the Early College Program in the Continuing Studies Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was one of those situations where the lack of satisfaction in the


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What If? Marwen’s Education Vision

At the center of Marwen’s practice there is an invitation-a sense of welcome, support, and mentorship that permeates every encounter and meeting. Students share the office 2013 key sense of belonging and support that they feel at Marwen in surveys, conversation, and letters of thanks sent to staff. Melissa Wilkes, studio program coordinator, who began as a student at Marwen, says; “I kept coming, and


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All I know is that I don’t know nothing.

This past academic year I worked a kaleidoscope of jobs all over the city and when offered one of these positions I am usually asked, “Are you familiar with [insert art medium here]?” and my answer is always, “Oh yeah, sure, totally, I can do that”. At which point I immediately Google said art medium.

After a year of teaching video to autistic children, explaining


December 11th, 2013 0 comments Intuition / Teaching Artistry

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