Teaching Artistry

Show up to a dedicated space and learn how to trust an uncontrolled process.

I often bite off more than I can chew in many aspects of my life. Particularly when in comes to conceptualizing projects that need to fit within specific constraints. For the six week residency at Marwen, I proposed an ambitious large scale project revolving around the idea of transferring images to glass. I calculated hours of my availability, sketched out drafts and plans, researched techniques


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Practicing What We Preach

In May we came together to intentionally "Practice What We Preach" at this seasons Marwen Teaching Artist Retreat. Thank you to all of you who created the time to reflect and learn together on this day.

With a 30-year-old mission to educate and inspire underserved young people through the visual arts, how does Marwen position itself to practice this work when young people are often unfamiliar with


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5 landscapes that Israel has named weapons after

I used my time in Marwen's studio to focus on a series of large-scale drawings in graphite on watercolor paper. In the end I made a series of paired drawings: 5 landscapes that the Israeli Military has named weapons after and 5 very small drawings of the weapons themselves. This aim of this project was to highlight the disconnect I see between the beauty of these


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Mother Colored Artist: on being Both And, A Manifesto

Mother Colored Artist: on being Both And,
A Manifesto
So you’re a maker, you create things, in a certain way, under certain circumstances; artist, mother and colored
A trifecta of uncertainty

On the artist residency and motherhood

There is a normalization of exclusionary practices for women parents within the western art canon. Artist residency are key elements that foster artist development providing studio time away


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The Fear of Failure

No one was allowed to see my sketchbook in junior high. To be honest, no one is allowed to see my sketchbook now. It is a collection of halting starts, experiments, some hideous failures and a few hidden gems. Even though we are professional artists and educators we still make mistakes.

The problem is our students rarely see those mistakes. We show the work we


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Marwen’s Peer to Peer Exchange: Community, Support and Growth for Teaching Artists

Marwen’s Peer to Peer Exchange is a teaching artist lead professional development program designed to provide support and encourage our teaching artists to continually refine their teaching practices. Each term a team of teaching artists gather to observe, reflect and collaborate.

After the program each teaching artist is asked to reflect on their experience:
Did the Peer to Peer Exchange help to further develop your


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The 8 Forces that Shape Group Culture

Expectations- Recognizing How Our Beliefs Shape Our Behavior

ex•pec•ta•tions |ˌekspekˈtāSHəns| noun: A set of strong beliefs surrounding future outcomes and anticipated results. As a culture shaper, expectations operate as “belief sets” or ‘action theories’ that influence our own efforts in relation to the achievement of desired goals and outcomes with respect to our teaching. In this way, expectations not only set our course, but also act


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My Marwen Journey: 5 Years in the Making

Throughout my years at Marwen, the only regret I have had was not knowing about Marwen earlier. I became a Marwen student my freshman year of high school and was immediately hooked. For the next four years I had the life-changing opportunity of not only taking free art courses at Marwen (as if that already wasn’t cool enough), but also participating in their advanced programs, most


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Spotlight: Student

Lucy McDonald
Lucy has been a Marwen student since the summer following her freshman year in 2012. On the verge of graduating this June, Lucy has received a National Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, which represents the top 1% of over 300,000 entries across the country in cialis for daily use for sale 28 categories. Looking to continue her pursuit of


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Spotlight: Student + Marwen Lab Exhibition Opening at Chicago Art Department

Zoe Prekop
Zoe Prekop has been a Marwen student since 2011 when she was in 8th grade. Now in her senior year of high school Zoe has just completed her third year participating in the Marwen Lab program. Marwen Lab is a capstone studio program designed for Marwen's highly motivated and dedicated young Chicago artists. Working closely with three teaching artists, Lab students work on


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