Student engagement

Ice Breakers and Energizers

The following ice breakers offer an array of ways for your students to get to know each other (and you) during your course. To be most successful, ice breakers should be designed to relate to your course content in some way. Many Marwen teaching artists use ice breaker activities to establish an atmosphere of participation and set a comfortable tone from the start of term.


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Student Engagement

Three Step Process for Communicating Student Expectations During an Activity or Studio Work

STEP ONE: Communicate your expectations before the activity begins…

*Give clear, concise, and explicit instructions/directions by telling and asking the students what it will look and sound like to do the activity successfully

STEP TWO: Monitor

*Circulate and visually scan the classroom during the activity

Use the Least Invasive Form of


May 16th, 2014 0 comments Professional Development / Student engagement

Why it’s okay to make your students confused

This term, I am teaching a class that class pushes students, through trying out new tools and materials, to develop their natural drawing or painting styles in new directions. We began with abstract mark making and embracing the unknown. This experimentation was thrilling, but also nerve wrecking. It was rewarding but also frustrating. These are the extremes my students experienced, and that I tried to


March 5th, 2014 0 comments Best Practices / Intuition / Student Driven Classroom / Student engagement

Peer to Peer in 12 Minutes

This summer I taught a course called “Photographing the Dreamscape” downstairs in Intermedia. The course was sculpture and photography based, and Cynthia asked if I would I consider doing a brief collaboration with the best canadian pharmacy only other class in the dungeon, Melissa Porter’s ceramic course. Even though summer is a luxurious two days longer than normal term, I still felt pressed for


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Writing in the Marwen Studios

Here's some cool ideas shared by teaching artists at the fall pre-term meeting last week. This is not a mandate- you don't have to do writing activities in your studio classes. But read the list below to find out why some teaching artists love it.

Have something to add to the list? "Comment" below or send it to

What’s the purpose?

To reflect on


September 23rd, 2013 0 comments Reflection / Student engagement / Teaching the conceptual

Documenting the Unknown

With the last weeks of summer approaching I felt it would be appropriate to look back at this past term while we soak in the remaining warmth.

This summer I taught a documentary course to high school students in which I allowed them to create individual pieces about a topic of their choice. I have to admit I was terrified to give my students that


September 4th, 2013 0 comments Meeting our students where they are / Reflection / Student Driven Classroom / Student engagement / Teaching the conceptual / Time-Based Media

Youth: Reshaping Society

As teaching artists I believe our duty is to help the youth cialis buy online generic reshape society by providing them with the tools needed to collaboratively, confidently and artistically dismantle and confront societal problems that affect them. There is power in the youth voice and an importance and urgency for them to be heard especially now when some are facing violence, poverty and a


May 21st, 2013 0 comments Art practice connected to teaching practice / Meeting our students where they are / Student engagement / Teaching Artistry

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