Spotlight: Marwen Course

The Intuition of an Assistant Teaching Artist

Although I have been teaching at Marwen for years, this spring, I was thrilled to return to the role of assistant. Before leading my own classes, I assisted a dozen different Teaching Artists over the course of a few years. Through witnessing and supporting a variety of teaching styles, I absorbed wisdom that would have taken decades to learn on my own.

This spring, I


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Marwen Lab Exhibition Celebration

Please join us this Friday June 14th at Marwen from 5-8pm to celebrate the incredible work of our 2012-2013 Marwen Lab students!
Read more about Marwen Lab in this (really great) Sixty Inches From Center post- written by Lab student Lauren Auyeung, and photos by Lab student Luis Mejico, with the support of Marwen teaching artist Sophia Allison.
[caption id="attachment_1113" align="alignnone" width="819"] Artist: Marta Murray[/caption]


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Spotlight: Marwen Course

Winter Urban Landscapes
What's a landscape?
flat line of land
gradient in the sky
squiggles of buildings
specs of plants and trees
glimmers of light
- Anastasiya Zherebna
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Teaching Artist Marta Garcia is a seasoned photographer, working as a professional photojournalist for the past 12 years. Marta has had the privilege to tell many stories with her camera.


April 22nd, 2013 0 comments Photography / Spotlight: Marwen Course

Portfolio Program – The Figure: Extra Sessions & Reflection

I can't believe class is over! This has been such an amazing and... interesting... experience. Obviously it was a wonderful teaching experience - I had a ton of fun and I think my students did some FANTASTIC work. But it was also full of model-less sessions, snow-storms, and derailed plans that were rough to work around. Regardless, though, it was a great success and I've


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How to Leave a Great Comment on Your Peer’s Blogs

This post comes to us from Teaching Artist Alexis Ellers and her classes' Marwen Photo Blog! 

Good advice for both critiques and blog commentary. Also be sure to check out the "Marwen Photography Classes" Facebook page to see the awesome photos being created by Alexis' students
 How to leave a great comment on your peer’s blogs 

The comment section on our blogs is great place


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The Portfolio Program: The Figure – Day 4

Today was both incredibly successful, but a bit frustrating at the same time. Up to this point I've had about 12 students at each session (though not the same 12 consistently) - but today I only had 8!

I created this curriculum to function on this gradual build up of information that carefully guided students towards the development of their personal works. Each class introducing


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Spotlight: Marwen Course

Let's Talk Animation: Time Based Media Foundations
This term Joe Merideth is teaching and Bridget Kevin is assistant teaching “Let's Talk Animation.” In this course 6th-8th students get to animate audio synced to mouth shapes. This is usually a long, pain staking process but our students have picked up the concept, tools and technology very rapidly.

Students used Adobe Soundbooth in the Creative Suite to


February 21st, 2013 0 comments Spotlight: Marwen Course / Time-Based Media

Portfolio Program: The Figure – Day 1

I want to start by saying that having done a pre-reflection has had such a positive impact on my classroom experience - Even from day 1. Initially I'd only done it because I felt I needed to provide Verve with something that focused more on my methodology, rather than just share one of my weekly class summaries. But the truth is that writing it really


February 11th, 2013 0 comments Assessment / Drawing / Meeting our students where they are / Spotlight: Marwen Course / Student Driven Classroom

Spotlight: Marwen Lab

Marwen Lab is a capstone course designed for Marwen's most inquisitive and dedicated students. With the personal guidance of expert teaching artists, Marwen Lab artists have access to all of Marwen's studios and art-making resources. Marwen Lab is designed to give students the opportunity to work closely with an experienced teaching artist and their peers to develop their own art-making techniques and concepts as they


February 8th, 2013 0 comments Spotlight: Marwen Course

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