The Value of Critique: Why Encouraging Students to Talk About Their Own Artwork is Important

At last canadian pharmacy meds weekend's Teaching Artist Retreat we spent time discussing the importance of providing our students with opportunities to discuss their artwork. After a conversation amongst teaching artists, we shared some student comments from the 2015 Fall Term Student Voice Survey to deepen the conversation around the value of critique and to hear first hand what students believe they gain from the


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Reflection at Marwen: A Few Summer 2015 Student Voice Survey Responses

What was the most interesting thing you learned in this course?

How to develop pictures the hard way.
I learn how to use the light so i can try at home or anywhere else
I really liked working with plaster, especially since you could do a lot with it. It was very dynamic.
that statues and statuettes are 2 completely different things i thought that


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Actively Listening and Building Trust with Students

Tips To Encourage the Development of Trust 

Make communication positive, clear, and specific.
Recognize that each individual sees things from a different point of view.
Be open and honest about your feelings and accept others feelings.
Ask questions for clarification on an issue.
Learn to listen. Allow time for the student to talk without interruptions.

Active Listening Skills

Active listening is an essential skill. One


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Seeing the Unseen (and Unexpected)

As September graciously shares with us the best of two seasons in transition, I feel the need to reflect upon my summer term at Marwen. Summer 2015 at Marwen also shared something with my favorite month, as the program was in it’s own moment of transition: The newly renovated arts campus is set to reopen its arms to our city in just one more week.


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My Marwen Journey: 5 Years in the Making

Throughout my years at Marwen, the only regret I have had was not knowing about Marwen earlier. I became a Marwen student my freshman year of high school and was immediately hooked. For the next four years I had the life-changing opportunity of not only taking free art courses at Marwen (as if that already wasn’t cool enough), but also participating in their advanced programs, most


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Active Allies

Engaging With Youth As Active Participants and Accountable Community Allies
On June 11th, 2015, I had the pleasure of sharing my teaching practice with Marwen staff and teaching artists. I was able to discuss the people, resources, conferences, and approaches to teaching that have had the most impact on my own praxis. My biggest take away from that is that Marwen continues to be a


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Adolescent Development: Creating Partnerships and Relationships

We recently held at our annual Summer Teaching Artist Retreat in our lovely summer term sculpture studios at UIC . Morning presentations on adolescent youth development were led by fantastic and engaging UIC Youth Development PhD candidates, Emilia Chico and Nicole Darcangelo.
Here is their very useful PowerPoint on Adolescent Development for MARWEN.
And please utilize these helpful resources they shared with us as


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Spotlight: Student + Marwen Lab Exhibition Opening at Chicago Art Department

Zoe Prekop
Zoe Prekop has been a Marwen student since 2011 when she was in 8th grade. Now in her senior year of high school Zoe has just completed her third year participating in the Marwen Lab program. Marwen Lab is a capstone studio program designed for Marwen's highly motivated and dedicated young Chicago artists. Working closely with three teaching artists, Lab students work on


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Spotlight: Alumni- Victoria Martinez + ACRE Residency Scholarship

In 2014 Marwen partnered with ACRE (Artist’s Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) to create a scholarship opportunity for a Marwen alumni accepted into their residency program. ACRE not only supports emerging artists with its residency in rural Wisconsin, but also provides all its residents with exhibition opportunities in Chicago during the year. We were delighted to have alumna and teaching artist, Victoria Martinez, be the first


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