Writing Prompts- Lessons Learned

Fall 2016 was my first session as a member of the Marwen Assessment Team. (A small professional development group that meets 3 times in a term to discuss our outcomes and to design tools to support our- and our students'-understanding of their growth.) In our pre-term meeting we discussed many options for assessing student learning and decided to implement writing exercises: one at the beginning


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Expectations, Realities & Resolutions

We know how important it is to be flexible in the classroom, to respond and react to the students’ needs and abilities, and be prepared to change our course of action. But this flexibility can work in direct opposition to our own goals as teachers. When we create our classes we structure them around the ideal. What we hope to accomplish, what we hope the


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Resource from Marwen’s Mid Term Meeting: Assess Where You Are and Develop Strategies For The Studio

We now have mid-term professional development meetings! The primary goal of the mid-term meeting is to provide timely professional development that can be utilized within the current term; the focus of this PD is to directly improve student experience and learning. TAs are given the opportunity to reflect, share questions and challenges in the weeks prior to the mid termmeeting in order to inform the content. At the mid-term meeting we work


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Creating Criteria Along With Your Students

When I was in college I had an honors class professor explain that we were not honor students because we were smarter than everyone else, but because we were the kind of students who had figured out what teachers wanted of us and understood how to give them just that. Today I recognize that what made the statement true is that the majority of assessment


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Cool Resource: ArtsConnection- The Creative Learning Loop

This great resource comes from ArtsConnection in NYC.

The Creative Learning Loop
Check out these links! They include a simple yet brilliant articulation of artistic process in the classroom- The Creative Learning Loop

Establish Clear Criteria
Facilitate Peer Feedback
Provide Opportunities for Revision

From the ArtsConnection website:

Formative Assessment in the Arts
Artistic creation in all art forms is an iterative process:  collaboration, critique and


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Value, Evidence, and Insight: Utilizing Student Surveys as Reflection Tools

One thing I love about Marwen is that, at the end of each session, all of the students take a survey, assessing their current course. Not only does this practice at Marwen honor each student’s voice, but it also gives us, as Teaching Artists, an opportunity that we don’t often have: to reflect on our own teaching with an immediacy that is lacking in other


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Assessment in the Studio Classroom

For the last year and a half I have been participating in Marwen’s efforts in understanding what assessment looks like at our organization. It has been a very enlightening experience - One that has taken me from cringing at the thought of ‘grading’ our students and their work, to finding that I have learned so much more about the value of assessment than I ever


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Misunderstanding Indicators = Misunderstood Outcomes

Over the past 7 years of teaching youth, this past term made an impressive mark on that timeline: my classroom experienced a record-breaking low level of volume (see: noise, malarkey, jibber jabber, etc.), the most calm atmosphere I have ever experienced in the history of my life as an educator. Whoa, yeah. For real, ever.

Maybe it was the 6-8 grade level that I’m not


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A Guide to Writing Helpful Outcomes and Indicators

We ask all Marwen teaching artists to write Outcome/Indicator sets for each course in order to clarify their expectations for their students - to empower students to control their own progress and to be clear of what they can do to improve their work. Outcomes and indicators have a direct relationship to each other. Outcomes: What you want the student to Know (knowledge: concepts; ideas);


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Assessment with Susy Watts

A few weeks back I was privileged to attend an absolutely incredible workshop at Marwen with Susy Watts concerning the can-o-worms topic of student assessment. I took home pages of notes, a surprising amount of enthusiasm, and a jumble of new teaching innovations. I will hands-down-unequivocally state that the professional development seminar led by Susy Watts on assessment and arts-learning was the most valuable I


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