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I have been a teaching artist at Marwen for the past 5 terms, and I have learned a lot from my students, my own personal experiences, my teaching assistants, and the supportive staff. But when my schedule became more hectic than I expected, I realized it was affecting my work as an educator. I am never one to dismiss an opportunity to learn and grow in my teaching practice, so instead of taking a term off I decided I would be an assistant teaching artist this fall. I am excited for the journey of working with a teaching artist I’ve never met, Hui-min Tsen, and to grow by watching how she conducts a video course. Our students will produce videos of oral history and interviews- we will search the streets of Chicago for the stories of strangers. I personally love oral history and believe interviewing is an important skill for students to acquire. During a time where interaction with friends happens through social media, and people share self indulgent posts on twitter, forcing youth to get out of their comfort zone and discover new stories is crucial. I hope our students discover the impact journalism can have on proactively creating change and providing a platform for unheard voices. I have positive expectations for this course. We start classes this Saturday, and I finally don’t have the first day jitters creeping in. I feel relaxed knowing I get to simply be the support my teaching artist needs for the class to run smoothly. I am excited to listen, observe, grab equipment, print any needed documents for students, come to class early to set up, help tadalafil citrate students with brainstorming and tech, and so much more. I am daily use cialis honestly just excited to learn, and allow this experience to rejuvenate my teaching practice. I believe going back to basics will cialis with viagra be my best teacher.

Sophia Nahli Allison About Sophia Nahli Allison
Sophia Nahli Allison is a photographer and arts educator based in Chicago. Using photography and video as a method of educating and inspiring youth, she is a teaching artist with Marwen, Street Level Youth Media, a photographer and writer for "SIFC: The Chicago Arts, Archive and Collective Project", and has worked as the photojournalism teaching artist with Step Up Women’s Network. As a visual storyteller she is dedicated to using photography to examine identity and social issues. Sophia believes art is truly an effective way to educate, empower, and evoke change. She loves sunshine, coffee, the ocean, laughter, and being around phenomenal educators and artists.

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