Professional Development: Interdisciplinary Art Collaboration

In April 2013 I participated in a professional development event with dancers, musicians, visual artists, elementary public school teachers and teaching artists. This event focused on collaboration to provide an interdisciplinary experience with the participants.

This full day professional development offered an experience where the topic of Shape, Texture, Time and Collaboration were investigated/explored through interactive sessions with a combination of Dance, Music and Visual


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Ai Weiwei

A must see exhibition includes examples from the board spectrum of the artist’s practice, which encompasses sculpture, photography, video, and site-specific installations as well as his contributions to the design of the “Bird’s Nest” stadium of the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. Ai Weiwei is known as one of China’s most provocative and vocal artists; his focus on human rights and social change eventually led


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Quotes on Teaching Artistry

“It not enough to know craft-you have to have feeling. Science is all very well, but for us (Teaching Artists) imagination is worth far more”. Anonymous Writer

“Take responsibility for the energy you bring to this space”. Anonymous Writer

“There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another”. Anonymous Writer

“The more you try to remove a thing from the context


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Aesthetic Comprehension Often Needs Time to Evolve

For every studio course there are unique us viagra rules, vocabulary, and values that will need interpretation to be able to act upon them. For example, when a studio instructor says, “Shelia, there’s a lot of nice stuff going in this painting”. Shelia may be uncertain of what “nice stuff” means or which specific aspect of her art has received positive response. Shelia’s intuition tells


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Strikes of Lightning

I was invited to engage in the process and practice of implementing an individual assessment tool for my summer 2012 course at Marwen. This was and is a very interesting experience because it challenged me to look at and thinking about my teaching practice as it relates to Art, Art-making and human/youth development. This invitation also allowed me to address the age old questions and


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